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The Methodist Church, especially in Britain, is relatively low-church, and our services are more geared towards those who prefer to come into the presence of God and partake in worship in a way that inspires reverence and awe on the one hand, but with simplicity and without too much focus on ritual on the other. The singing of hymns is a great Methodist tradition, and we regularly use the American United Methodist Hymnal, occasionally the British Hymns and Psalms and Let's Praise, and the newer The Faith We Sing, thus incorporating both British and United Methodist traditions into our own brand of worship.

Sunday services

Our Sunday service begins at 5:15 pm with praise singing and generally lasts an hour to an hour and a quarter. We aim to be respectful and worshipful without being too stiff and formal. After the service we have a time of fellowship over cookies and coffee and tea in the Drop Inn. After all, Fellowship is said to be the third sacrament of Methodism after Baptism and Communion!

We celebrate Holy Communion about once a month (there may be exceptions though!). There is no bar on who may receive Communion; we expressly invite all those who love the Lord Jesus, whatever their religious background or current church membership, to share in the bread and the cup. Equally, there is no compulsion to partake; it is entirely voluntary. The "wine" we use is non-alcoholic grape juice.

There is Sunday School too, if required, for our little ones! Please let us know in advance so we can plan activities!

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