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Everything you see on this site is under copyright protection, and where not otherwise attributed is the original work of the webmaster. This includes:

You may not use any of this content without permission, except for private use.

Private use and fair use

Generally speaking "private use" means downloading and all that entails in terms of caching, and also the printing of hard copies. "Fair use" means using material on this site for the purposes of analysis, comment and parody. Both private use and fair use are allowed under copyright law.

For example, there is nothing to stop you from printing out a copy of a page for private use (you might, for example, want to print out the page of directions to one of our churches); if, however, you then publish that information without the copyright owner's permission — whether on another website or in a printed publication — then you are in breach of international copyright law, especially if you then make money from it.

You can certainly quote from something on this site if you wish to analyze it, comment on it or make a joke out of it without the copyright owner's permission, but we would certainly appreciate it if you named your source and (if published on a website) a link back to this site. We suggest inserting something like the following code:

From the official website of the <a href=">UMC Berlin, Germany, English language congregation</a>.

Fair use also includes such things as printing out an article and using it as the basis of, say, a Bible study or other discussion (but we'd love to hear how that Bible study went!).

Bandwidth stealing

"Bandwidth stealing" (or "bandwidth hogging") is the practice of linking directly to an image or other inclusion, so that it shows up on your website while actually residing on ours. This is not only in breach of copyright, it is also a form of theft: since the image in question is being downloaded from our server, we have to pay for the extra traffic while you get the benefit.

If you have permission to use one of our graphics on your website, please upload a copy to your server and link to that.

Getting permission

Permission to use material on this site can be obtained by writing to the pastor. It's as simple as that. Just say what you intend to use and how, and please wait for a reply before going ahead.

Bible passages

Except where otherwise attributed, all Bible passages are taken from the Anglicised version of the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION © 1973, 1978 by the International Bible Society.

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