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UMC English Language International Congregation Berlin:
for all general enquiries.

Coordinator Andrea Lenz:

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EmK Englischsprachige Internationale Gemeinde Berlin 
(United Methodist Church English Language International Congregation)
Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 87
10585 Berlin

Note: Please make sure that you write the address exactly as shown: we cannot otherwise guarantee that your mail will be delivered to us. We recommend, if possible, that you type the address on the envelope, as German handwriting differs significantly from British and American styles.

By telephone:

Andrea Lenz: +49 (0) 176 53 43 8338

Pastor Anja Müller: +49 (0)30 4097 110

Deputy Lay Rep. Heidrun Prouty: +49 (0)30 362 65 66

The country code for Germany is +49, the code for Berlin is 30. When calling from outside Germany, replace the + sign with your international access code: e.g., to call Berlin from the United Kingdom, dial 00 49 30.

When calling from within Germany but outside Berlin, replace the country code +49 with a 0: e.g., to call Berlin from Hamburg, dial 030.

If you are calling from within Berlin, simply omit the +49 30 prefix.

Local time is Central European Time (CET), we are UTC (GMT) +1 in the winter, and UTC +2 in the summer.

Bank Details

IBAN: DE04 3506 0190 1567 0680 10
Bank für Kirche und Diakonie - KD Bank

Please include your mailing address, donations are tax-deductible and we will send you a Spendenbescheinigung in the new year.

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