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A privacy policy is simply a statement that sets out exactly what information a website gathers about you and how it is used. Generally speaking, no personal information is gathered by this site in the first place. This policy, then, is almost superfluous; however, invasion of privacy on the Internet is a serious issue and we'd like to take the opportunity to set your minds at rest.


As with all websites, every time a file is requested from the server, this is logged and the information stored in a database. This allows us to compile general statistics (how many "hits", for example) and also to spot potential problems (errors that may occur, perhaps due to faulty coding, such as a request for a file that doesn't exist).

This does include information about which browser you are using on what platform, and also your IP address; however, due to the way this information is compiled, it cannot be used to track an individual's progress through the site, nor can it be used to obtain personal information about you. This information is used to compile more general statistics: How many people are logging on? Which pages are the most popular? Which parts of the world do our visitors come from? How many use Internet Explorer?

None of this information is passed on to third parties: it is for our own internal use only.


Cookies are small text files that can be stored on your computer and associated with a particular website. Most cookies are harmless, and indeed many sites would not work properly without them, but some malicious programmers have been able to use them to track people's browsing habits.

This site does not use cookies at all, and so any security issues associated with them do not apply to this site.

Personal information

We do not publish personal information such as e-mail addresses, postal addresses and private telephone numbers without permission; under German law (Datenschutzgesetz) this would be illegal. If you send us an e-mail, we may publish some or all of the contents of your e-mail if they are not too personal, but we will never publish any personal information, or any information that may make it possible for you to be traced, without your express permission.


Under German law, it is illegal to publish a recognizable photograph of an individual or a small group of private citizens without the permission of the subject or subjects of the photograph. (This applies only where the person or people would be easily recognized, except for people in the public eye such as politicians or television personalities.) We therefore cannot publish a recognizable photograph of an individual without that individual's consent.

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