Charlottenburg Auferstehungskirche


The Auferstehungskirche ("Church of the Resurrection") is in the Berlin area of Charlottenburg, with excellent public transport connections to former West Berlin's city centre — the "Zoo" — only three subway stops away.

Charlottenburg was a relatively wealthy area, although the demographics have changed in recent years. Charlottenburg Schloss is a short walk away, and in fact the block housing the church was originally built for officers of the Schloss guard.

The church itself is accessible from the courtyard at Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße number 87; walk through the large doors on the right, across the courtyard and through the entrance straight ahead.

The shop unit at the front of the building is our "Drop Inn" bookshop and meeting place.

On the map

On the official Public Transport maps posted at subway stations and as printed in Berlin Atlas und mehr, the church is located in square Wa18 (on page K2 of the Atlas).

In the Falk Plan for Berlin, the church is located in square K10.

Location of church at [link opens in new window].

Aerial view of the church at wikimapia

By public transport

Public transport connections are extremely good, even on a Sunday.

The nearest subway station is Bismarckstraße (lines U2 and U7). Ideally, you need to take the north exit (signed Wilmersdorfer Straße, Zillestraße), but if you have travelled on the U2 towards the centre and the east (i.e. towards Pankow), you will emerge from the south exit — and will need to cross Bismarckstraße.

From there, walk north along Wilmersdorfer Straße and take the second road on the left (Zillestraße) and the second road on the right (Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße): the church will be on your right.

Alternatives include:

By car

From Ernst-Reuter-Platz in central Berlin, follow the B2/B5 towards "Messe/ICC". Having passed the Deutsche Oper (a very unimpressive, concrete opera house), take the third turning on the right (Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße). The church is a couple of hundred yards further on, on the right.

From the A100 autobahn, take the Spandauer Damm exit. Follow signs to "Zentrum" and/or "Tiergarten", passing the Charlottenburg Schloss on your left. At the far end of the schloss, turn right into Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße. The church is a couple of hundred yards further on on your left.

Note that parking in this part of Berlin is notoriously bad, even on Sundays. Driving regulations mean that it is actually illegal to park in front of the big double doors that lead to the courtyard, and the "disabled" parking space directly in front of the Drop Inn is reserved for a specific individual. There is a car park at the corner of Zillestraße and Gierkezeile, which usually has spaces free on Sunday. During the week, though, it is generally a matter of sheer luck.

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